We worked with Gordon Ramsey.


If We Can Conquer  Gordon Ramsey's Heat,

We Can Clean Anything!

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It was our pleasure to be selected as the professional cleaning company utilized by Gordon Ramsey's team on 24 Hours to Hell and Back. We worked alongside Ramsey and his team for the episodes highlighting restaurants on the Eastern Coast and Central, Virginia. The adventure started on the First Episode of Season Three, "Lowery's Seafood Restaurant" which aired on January 7th, 2020. The journey continued during Season Three, Episode Five, "Seafarer's Family Restaurant", which aired on February 4th, 2020.


Like Ramsey and his teams, we work hard,

no matter what type of pressure presents itself.  


Below is a clip  from Episode Five: "Seafarerer's Restaurant"

(The restaurant now goes by, "Halterman's Eatery") 




The clip below is from Season 3, Episode 1: Lowery's Seafood Restaurant" 

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Videos of Services Provided

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